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Dentures Implant Cost - Canberra

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Everything You Need to Know about Denture Implant Cost in Canberra

Losing your natural teeth can be scary for many reasons, from wondering how to act in social situations to being unable to chew and bite food easily in severe circumstances. On top of everything, many people question whether or not they'll be able to afford treatment, which usually consists of fitting false teeth or dentures to complement your remaining teeth or replace your missing ones. Fortunately, the denture cost in Canberra is now much cheaper than it was just a few decades ago, but it's important to understand your options before parting ways with your cash.

If you only have a few missing teeth and your remaining natural teeth are in good shape, a qualified dentist will likely recommend the partial denture option. As the name suggests, partial dentures don't replace an entire jaw's worth of teeth; instead, they can be just one or a few false teeth to fill in the gaps. If you have many missing teeth and your remaining natural ones are showing signs of poor health, then a chiropractor may suggest complete or full dentures, with removable and fixed options available.

At Right Dentures, our qualified and highly experienced dental team is in the perfect position to recommend the most suitable solution for you depending on your situation, and we aim to provide the best value services in the Canberra area. We only use the highest quality materials and most advanced equipment to manufacture custom-made dentures to fight your missing teeth problem, but we keep our prices competitive thanks to having in-depth knowledge of the field and being able to work efficiently and professionally. However, what affects the cost of Canberra dentures?

A Brief Guide to the Denture Cost in Canberra

Besides the type of denture you require, factors that can affect the total price of your treatment include colour options, the fitment method and the materials used to create your false teeth. Here are those factors in more detail:

  • How your false teeth are secured: If you need to support your existing teeth with dental implants rather than have them held in place using your existing teeth, you might have to pay extra for the extra step required to complete the treatment.
  • Denture materials: False teeth can be made using a variety of materials, with the lower quality materials translating to more affordable prices. However, we use high-quality materials that will likely last much longer than the more inferior options, making them just as, if not more, cost-effective in the long run.
  • Design and fabrication: You might think you're saving cash by visiting a dentist that still uses old techniques to design and fit your dentures, but the best, digitally designed false teeth are more comfortable and often longer-lasting. As mentioned above, we only utilise the latest techniques to manufacture quality dentures, but thanks to being able to work efficiently, we can keep our prices competitive.

Contact Right Dentures with Questions about the Denture Implant Cost

At Right Dentures, we know that fear can take over when you start to notice missing teeth, which is why we provide high-quality and high-value custom-made dentures that can rejuvenate your smile. Call our friendly professionals today to learn more about the factors that affect the cost of a denture implant in Canberra.

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