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How do I care for my new dentures?

How do I care for my new dentures?

Once you have your new custom-made dentures, it's important to take good care of them, to ensure they last you for between five to 10 years. Regular cleaning and using the right solution for this will keep your dentures in top condition.

Ask your consultant at Right Dentures for more information - we are only too happy to advise you. Meanwhile, we have included the answers to some frequently asked questions below.

How often should I clean my new dentures?

They should be removed and cleaned at least twice a day. Most people prefer to do this after meals and when they go to bed. Cleaning your dentures regularly will reduce irritation, damage, bad breath, and staining, and helps to keep your mouth healthy.

What should I use to clean my dentures?

Use a non-abrasive brush and cleaning solution. Regular toothpaste is often too abrasive for dentures, so a recommended cleaning solution - any one of the denture brands will work well. You can also use bicarbonate of soda or aloe vera as more natural alternatives. These are also good for rinsing your mouth out with.


Alcohol, abrasive cleaners, bleaches or whiteners - these may scratch the surface of the denture and may even turn the gum/pink parts of your denture white. Most importantly, they can be absorbed by the denture base and then slowly release into your mouth as a poison

My dentures are uncomfortable, what should I do?

A well designed, custom-fit denture or plate will sit comfortably in the mouth and will not cause irritation. Make an appointment with your dental prothetist as soon as possible to have your dentures moulded, as this will ensure they suit the shape of your mouth.

Do NOT attempt to mould or fix the dentures yourself, as this can often cause more damage to your mouth.

Please remember, your dentures are designed to meet the condition of your mouth at the time of making and they have no potential of adapting to changes in your mouth themselves, unless a dental specialist makes the modifications needed. This is why a regular check of your dentures is recommended every year.

How strong are my dentures?

Your dentures or plate are actually quite fragile outside the mouth and should be treated with the utmost care. Be sure to use the correct cleaning agents, clean regularly and keep them moist overnight. Any scratches on your dentures may be a haven for plaque and bacteria, causing bad breath, just like regular teeth.

Can I repair my dentures myself?

This is not recommended - please see a professional dental prothetist to ensure you do not cause any damage to your mouth or specialised dentures or plates.

*** Do not ever use super-glue or other kind of glue to fix broken dentures, as they can never hold the broken parts together, even in the short-term.

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