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Are dentures right for me?

Are dentures right for me?

Choosing to get dentures fitted can give you a more confident smile and is the most cost-effective and easy way to replace missing teeth. With our professional made-to-measure dentures, you can enjoy a custom denture fit with no major preparations to your mouth and can change your mind at any time, with no irreversible damage done.

Other options for replacing teeth include implants or dental bridges, but these are more complicated and costly treatment plans, so we recommend that you speak to your dentist to see if any of these options are right for you.

At Right Dentures in Canberra we have years of experience in providing dentures and replacement dentures to our patients.

Common Queries

I have a very low or flat ridge, can I still wear a denture comfortably? 

If this is the case, we can use specific techniques in our onsite lab to make your dentures comfortable and functional, although it may require more consultations to ensure a completely comfortable fit.

I don't feel comfortable with dental procedures, what should I do?

Our friendly team of professional staff have years of experience in fitting dentures, so you can trust them to perform to the very highest standard. We will make you feel right at ease and ensure you're as comfortable and relaxed as possible before we begin.

We advise that you come to your impression appointment with an empty stomach and we will take the utmost care of you throughout the dental process.

For particularly nervous or anxious clients, we can use special breathing techniques to guide you through the process with ease, which has worked extremely well for many of our other clients.

Please let your consultant know of any issues you may have and we will do our best to remedy them.  

After - new dentures
After - new dentures
Acrylic denture repair
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